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Friday, January 31, 2014

Some stuff you need to know about Windows 8.x, Internet Explorer, BYOD/MDM, and malware removal

My goodness, I've let a lot of my articles on Windows 8, 8.1, patching, malware, and related desktop security topics stack up! Check these out:

Don't ignore Windows 8 security when reviewing desktop vulnerabilities
IT can tackle Windows configuration with a well-planned desktop audit
Windows Server Update Services weaknesses you may not know about <=this is BIG, seriously!
Why a Windows security scan is not enough to protect your workstations

Five steps to successful bot removal from enterprise desktops
Whitelisting can complement Windows 8 malware removal and prevention
Malware detection questions for IT to answer for desktop security

New Windows 8.1 features can boost mobile device management
Don't ignore mobile security effects on enterprise desktop management
IT needs to keep up with workers who use desktop cloud backup
Enterprises can't afford a half-baked mobile security strategy
Windows Phone 8 security should be part of any mobile device strategy

Locking down Internet Explorer settings with Group Policy in IE 11
Beat bad browser behavior by troubleshooting IE 10
Microsoft Office 2013 crackable, so look to Office password recovery

What you need to know about the Windows Security Accounts Manager
Bring some control to cloud file sharing with Windows 8.1 Work Folders

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