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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This week's webcast on common sense security

Join me and Phil Owens of GFI tomorrow (Wednesday July 24, 2012) as we wax poetic about what it really takes to have a reasonable layered security defense against malware:

Defense in Depth: The Layered Approach to IT Security 
Crashed systems, data theft, decreased productivity, revenue loss, reputation loss – today’s malware threats can cause critical damage to your business. IT professionals, now more than ever, need a method of in-depth protection to effectively defend their information, devices and network. They need layered security.

Watch this Ziff Davis B2B webcast to determine if your current security measures are doing enough. Phil Owens of GFI and independent information security expert Kevin Beaver of Principle Logic will provide insight into:
  • How malware can impact your business
  • The latest malware attack vectors
  • The importance of employee education
  • Why you need layered security
I hope you'll consider joining in! You can register here.

Interesting quote on human psyche that relates to infosec

I just saw the following quote from publisher Malcolm Forbes that underscores the very essence of the problems we see in information security, business and life in general:

"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are."

Indeed, so many people want to control or break down (they're one in the same) others because their own lives are out of control. They simply don't believe in themselves. Like how exercise and good nutrition translate to healthy living, the problems we face are solved by simple means. It's a matter of choice.