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Friday, February 10, 2012

Video: The one infosec skill you need to be working on

Develop and maintain this one skill and you'll position yourself to be a much more valuable information security professional:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Video: My new whitepaper on SQL Server security threats & compliance

Check out my new whitepaper The SQL Security Security Threat - It's closer than you think sponsored by Idera:

What's it going to take for police departments to secure their websites?

Here's yet another story about a police department website being compromised by criminal hackers. When a regular citizen's home address is exposed, that's one thing. But when the addresses of police chiefs are published online, that opens up an entirely new set of risks for their personal safety. Sad. Hey, at least the police chiefs I know are armed and well-trained experts. Would be pretty foolish to try and attack them on their home turf.

As I've mentioned before, you have to test ALL of your websites - marketing site, everything. If it's got an IP address or a URL it's fair game for hacking.

Introducing my information security YouTube channel - PrincipleLogic

Check out my new YouTube channel (

I'm really excited about this. More videos coming soon.

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