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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The new IT skill you *must* develop

Yesterday I had lunch with some colleagues who are lawyers that focus their work in/around compliance, intellectual property and cloud computing. It was neat to hear their perspective on where things are headed in IT. We came to the conclusion that IT professionals are going to have to learn as much as they can about the legal side of what we do.

I'm not talking compliance in general but also contracts, SLAs and the like. You've got to be able to inform management on what to ask for in SLAs (especially with cloud services), set their expectations on the realities of what their signing and also be prepared to raise some red flags when you find SLA or contract verbiage that's not good for the business.

The harsh truth is many corporate lawyers and executives don't have a clue when it comes to understanding the IT-related nuances in SLAs and contracts. So, step back and be prepared to help in this area - it's only going to become more complex. There are some great legal resources on various blogs and Twitter. I'll see if I can round some up for a future post.


  1. Kevin:
    Great point! Often we are called in to review a company's current IT infrastructure. So many times we see a company spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for a voice or data circuit and have no idea about the SLA. As more and more service move to the cloud, companies must learn that a solid SLA is a critical part of doing business.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bill. So true.