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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Viewfinity's latest privilege management offering

I had the opportunity to meet up with my colleague Matt Stubbs with SnappConner on a recent visit to Salt Lake City. One of the things we discussed was Viewfinity's new privilege management software release.

Viewfinity provides a public or private cloud solution to locking down Windows desktops including:
  • getting your arms around administrator-level privileges (perhaps once and for all?)
  • allowing users to install permitted applications, printers, etc.
  • blocking/whitelisting of applications
Check out this screencast here for a good overview as well as this piece I wrote for TechTarget that provides some additional ideas for Windows desktop security.

There are other solutions available for Windows desktop protection but Viewfinity makes such controls available via a unique approach. Something I'll have to add to my OS security presentation at my CDW/TechTarget speaking events this year.

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