You can't secure what you don't acknowledge.SM

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Great information security quote

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep." -Charles Talleyrand

Applies nicely to the management of information security and amazingly well to our government "leaders" today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

P2P risks, all over again

It's sad when our government has to warn businesses about their own P2P network security flaws.

I wrote about the security considerations with P2P applications seemingly a lifetime ago (2003) for TechTarget in a piece titled Are P2P applications worth the risk?

Around this same time I served as a P2P expert on a panel discussion at American Intellectual Property Law Association's conference in Atlanta where we discussed these same issues.

Nothing has changed with the threats and the vulnerabilities of P2P applications...nothing. OK, it can be argued that things have gotten worse. Yet we continue to ignore what's going on at the desktop and at the protocol level. Interesting insight into how far we've come with information security since then.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Failure is always an option

Michael Eisner once said "Succeeding is not really a life experience that does much good. Failing is a much more sobering and enlightening experience."

This is something we often take for granted...and something that's facilitated by our society of not wanting people (especially our kids) to fail.

I wouldn't trade my failures in life for anything...they've gotten me to where I am today. Failure's always an option and not something to be ashamed of as long as you embrace it and learn from it.