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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elcomsoft's new Phone Password Breaker now supports the BlackBerry

Elcomsoft's neat iPhone Password Breaker tool that can crack iPhone backup passwords just got 100% better. Now it's called Phone Password Breaker and supports BlackBerry backups. Nice.

Combine such a tool with all the open shares and unstructured data scattered about the average network and you've got a pretty serious problem on your hands. That is unless you're using the tool in a security assessment and demonstrating the continued risks smartphones represent in the enterprise.

Phone Password Breaker can crack password-protected iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch backups and decrypt encrypted BlackBerry backups. Like some of its sister products the tool can utilize GPU acceleration - something that can prove very beneficial when you only have a relatively short period of time to obtain your results.

The Pro version costs $199 and the Home edition is less than half that. Not bad given the value it can bring. Kudos to Vladimir Katalov and his team - yet another great security/forensics tool we can all benefit from. Check it out.

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