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Friday, February 6, 2009

What's the Internet coming to?

Wow - Google execs being charged in Italy over a posted video. Bye-bye YouTube, etc. as we know it. I'm sure our new leaders can help these guys. Seriously...I don't know all the details but based on what I've seen this is unbelievable!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Good news about security pay increases

There's always a silver lining. Apparently security pros - especially those with certifications - are still getting raises. Read this.

Need a little motivation?

Thinking about how hard we're all going to have to work to pay for Obama's current government growth plan is enough to make you sick. It does me. Throw the economy, the news of others losing their jobs, and all of this "global warming" cold weather on top and it's easy to get de-motivated. I'm ready for Spring - how about you!?

This is a complicated subject. There's no one best solution but here's one for you that will definitely help. Listen to educational audio programs in your car when you're on the go. The average person drives 15,000 miles which translates into about 333 hours in the car - per year! If you don't drive then you likely ride the bus or workout at the gym or sit around somewhere not being productive. We all have some sort of downtime.

What better way to get ahead in your career than to take advantage of this downtime. This is the essence of Security On "Wheels". Even if you just spend 25% of your time listening to audio books while you're on the go, you'll do wonders for your personal life and your career. You'll not only get your mind off what's going on in the world but you can become an expert in this (or any other) field and gain a ton of motivation along the way. Case in point: learning while I'm on the go literally made me an expert in another field outside of information security in less than two years. I started listening and learning in mid-2006 and can honestly say that now, in 2009, I feel like I'm at the top of my game in this other area of study. Simply amazing.

Every time I listen to audio programs on the go I think to myself: why don't I do this more often!? I love listening to my favorite music and talk radio but listening to audio programs on my iPod and CD player is one of the best discoveries I've made. And it's the very thing that keeps me moving ahead.

Want to learn more, want to achieve more, and, most importantly, want some motivation in your life? Listen to audio programs: mine and others. You won't regret it!!

Speaking of mine, I'm working on my newest audio program Succeeding in Security - a must-have audio program if you want to get ahead and stay ahead in the information security field. Stay tuned...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What you *must* do if you're looking for work

Like so many other people I know my best friend recently lost his job. I was talking with him the other day and I told him that even though he's unemployed he needs to be working full time to find a job.

This means submitting applications, calling on friends/colleagues, connecting to and recommending others on LinkedIn, tweaking your resume again and again, taking classes, attending networking events - whatever it takes. Six to eight or more hours a day...

The jobs are limited and the competition's tough out there right now. If you're unemployed you have to do something - anything - to stand out above the rest. Working full-time to find a job is the thing to focus on right now. It will pay off.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My latest security content

Wow, it's been nearly a month since my last posting of security content. Lots of writing but slow publication cycles I suppose. First off, here's an article I wrote for
How to strike a balance between Windows security and business needs

Here's a webcast/podcast combo I presented for and sponsored by Dell:
Data Protection for the Mobile Workforce - webcast
Data Protection for the Mobile Workforce - podcast

Much more to come soon!

In the meantime, be sure to check out for all of my information security articles, podcasts, webcasts, screencasts and more.

Imagine if we ignored our customers

Imagine that you had the ability to ignore your customers. Either external clients or internal people in management, HR, marketing, developers - you name it. What if you ignored their requests for your assistance regarding information security? You'd eventually be out of a job, right?

Well, us little people have to focus our energy and choices on making people happy if we want to keep our jobs and stay competitive. On the other hand, big corporations...not so much. The companies who love to live the "customer no-service" mantra simply don't care and it often shows. But who cares? Ticking off one or a hundred customers isn't going to affect their bottom line all that much. This occurred to me because I'm getting that type of customer no-service from AT&T right now.

I use AT&T's CallVantage VoIP service. It's actually been pretty decent to me but their voicemail management functionality on their Web site is less than stellar. I submitted the following request to them recently:

Will you please consider adding the following two features to your online system:
1) the ability to select *all* voicemails at once rather than having to click every single one when deleting them (this is a repeat suggestion from about 3 years ago)

2) an email notification that my voice mailbox is near capacity or full. A pretty basic feature considering how embarrassing it is to have people tell your mailbox is full.

....I'm sure this request will be ignored.

AT&T excused their failure in advance by telling me I won't hear back from them on this request. Wow...what a way to treat people - especially customers. Thank goodness for competition!

Oh, and let me apologize in advance in the event you call me and it says my voicemail box is full...just know that I'm working on it!