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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Metasploit as we knew it going bye bye?

The day I never thought I'd see has come. Once HD Moore announced "Metasploit is hiring" I knew something was going on. Metasploit has been acquired by Rapid7...huh!? Too bad Qualys - maker of my favorite OS/network vulnerability scanner - missed this opportunity!

According to the Rapid7 acquisition FAQ Metasploit will remain open source but with a commercial twist. I hope it only gets better...fingers crossed.

Hey at least Capitalism's dying slowly but surely in this country but I'm glad to see this kind of stuff is still happening. Kudos to HD Moore and company!!

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  1. I have been Beta-Testing Rapid7 & Metasploit since mid August- good results thus far. My full review can be found here: