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Monday, September 14, 2009

Boston Beer a big let down

I heard a Samuel Adams beer commercial on the radio this morning that reminded me of the big let down I had from them recently. I was at a speaking engagement on physical / data center security on behalf of Anixter in Boston (pronounced Bahstun for those of you here in the South with me) and wanted to see some of the sights while I was there.

Being a fan of Sam Adams I hopped (like the pun?) onto their Web site to get tour information. Wasn't there. Seriously....I called their sales # and was told they don't handle tour information there. I was transferred to the "tour guy". No answer - had to leave a message. I kindly asked that he return my call with the basics. Never heard back.

Now, remember, I just wanted basic tour information (where, when, how much). Hey Jim Koch, you're obviously proud of your beer, how hard does it have to be to get tour information??? What a let down...

Now I have a negative association every time I hear a Sam Adams commercial or see Sam Adams beer in the store. Hey at least there's a handful of microbrew alternatives like Flying Dog. And, go figure, they actually have tour information on their Web site. Took me all of 4 seconds to find it. Next time I'm in Maryland maybe I'll pay them a visit.

Anyway, just had to get that off my chest.

Hope you have an excellent week...back in touch soon.


  1. Hey Kevin - I found it (or maybe somebody read your blog and put it up afterwards).

  2. Thanks Rand...Wow, it's pretty obvious, huh? I probably overlooked it but it just highlights a big problem that so many sites have this can't find anything on them! It would've been nice for the woman I originally spoke with to point out the link and for their "tour guy" whom I left the voicemail to actually call me back. Oh well, not going to sweat the small stuff.