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Monday, July 27, 2009

Imagine if your security plan looked like this

Imagine if you tried to force an Obamacare-eqivalent information security plan on management (see chart below). How would they respond. They'd probably tell you to go pound sand.

And now anyone against such a big goverment idea can't speak out about it. I wonder how much longer I'll get to do my rants in a forum such as this. Wow, where's our freedom going?
Is anyone listening...? This isn't about healthcare. It's about control. Something that's about as personal as bad government decisions come.
You've heard me talk about how the ability to think long-term greatly affects your career. As the saying goes: elections have consequences.


  1. Don't most security plans (and most other projects) look like that once the managers get finished with them? Visio is second only to powerpoint in the arsenal of managerial posturing.