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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Coping site for security breaches?

This just in: from the government agency that brought us HIPAA we now have a new site to help us all deal with the troubling economy. Maybe one day the site can be expanded to include those of us who are affected - both personally and professionally - by security breaches. At least there's hope....and when there's hope, there will be "change". ;)

Funny how government creates a crisis and then comes to our "rescue". Are you starting to see what's happening here folks?


  1. Are you implying this is somehow new with this administration?

  2. No, but it sure is a LOT more visible and obvious that they're proud of it.

  3. I know that the government communicating with us instead of trying to make us piss ourselves in fear so we don't ask questions is novel, but it has happened before.