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Friday, February 15, 2008

My security content from this week

Here's an article I wrote on security careers and a podcast I recorded this week for

Are you earning what you're worth in information security?

What's hot in Windows security: Ins and outs of Windows Server 2008


Oh, by the way...I'm almost done with Getting Started in Security - my first official Security On Wheels audio program! It'll be on the site very soon.

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Big brother in our homes...also?

I've always said that Internet filtering in the workplace is fine as long as it's not abused by a rogue network admin or HR manager. Employees are paid to work while at work - not sit around and goof off on the Internet half the day. So, where can you go to get unfiltered and unfettered access to the Internet? Well, apparently you can't rely on your home Internet connection for this if you use Comcast. They're using "traffic management" as an excuse to slow down and kill certain Internet connections. Not sure if I buy that. That said, it's there prerogative to choose to shoot themselves in the foot and hamper customers. Hopefully people who are negatively affected by this will take their business elsewhere. Gotta love Capitalism and the freedom of choice!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yesterday's BlackBerry outage serves as a reminder ...again

With the foremost messaging system having gone down twice now in less than a year, I'm beginning to wonder if RIM has anyone in their "business continuity" department... I'm guessing other systems/services were affected since this was a wireless disruption but it doesn't matter. A harsh reminder that one of your most critical applications is just a quick third-party outage away...and there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

Hey, at least with it happening later in the day, maybe there were a few more eyes on the road for the drive home!