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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A chronology of HIPAA convictions

Does HIPAA affect your organization? It probably does somehow some way at least indirectly. If not, we're all affected personally. Well, my friend and brilliant colleague, Becky Herold, has kept up with HIPAA-related convictions over the past few years. I'm surprised that only seven convictions have taken place. There's no doubt that more violations have occurred...

Interestingly, there's only been one sanction given for noncompliance. Only one healthcare organization out of compliance with HIPAA, huh? Yeah right!!! You show me 100 randomly-selected healthcare organizations and I'll show you 100 organizations that have plenty of information risks - all out of compliance with HPAA...

Thus the big government arm of the law with no real enforcement. I'm sure one of these days - in 10 years or so - a new young politician will draft legislation aimed to protect healthcare records....It'll be such a grand idea. And it'll get passed.

Anyway, off my soapbox. Check out Becky's post.

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