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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Manually monitoring email? What's up with that!?

With all of the technical sophistication we have, apparently business people still haven't figured out a way to automate the employee monitoring function. According to a new Proofpoint/Forrester Consulting survey, 41% of organizations companies with 20,000+ employees are *employing* people to monitor outbound email. Are you serious!? We've had automated employee monitoring systems for 10+ years that anyone in HR can manage and companies are paying people to do this manually...the hard way with room for major errors and oversights!!??

I spoke at TechTarget's Security Decisions conference back in 2003 about the ins and outs of employee monitoring. I talked about the technologies you can/should use. What specifically to do and not do. That was 5 years ago and the content filtering and monitoring solutions were pretty darn mature back then.

Oh, and apparently the trend of hiring even more people to do this is on the rise. I guess the whole notion of automating security to close that "loop" is not something people are ready to take on. Amazing.

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