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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

RSA during Spring Break! What were they thinking?

I just received my fancy conference booklet for RSA 2008. If you didn't get one, you'll likely start seeing/hearing more and more buzz leading up to the show that's scheduled for April 7-11 this year.

Since RSA's normally in February, I started thinking about this timeline and it hit me. That week happens to be Spring Break for the Atlanta metro area and likely a *lot* of the U.S. What were they thinking!?.

I can understand people wanting to get away on business - especially to this show. I even have an incentive myself since I can get in for free on a "press" pass. But missing my child's entire Spring Break over it...??

Maybe their motivation was for attendees to drag along the entire family to hang out in 'Frisco for a week ...Whew, not my (or my family's) idea of fun.

Maybe I'll see you on the beach instead!

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