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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lost laptop worth $54 million?

Check out this news of Best Buy losing a laptop and, in turn, being sued for $54 million. Apparently there's sensitive information on it...Whew - steep price to pay for a laptop that just needed a new power button. Stakes will probably get higher once the number of people losing sensitive information is disclosed though. Maybe we'll see it on's list of the finest.

$54 million does seem a little steep for such an incident...After all, people need to know there are consequences when they choose to house sensitive information on unencrypted drives. But...who/what is Best Buy going to be accountable to? Too bad customer service never really is.

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  1. If you read this story carefully she is not doing it for the money. She is doing it because of the lying to her about the status of her laptop. Also, she has hired no lawyer and has done all paperwork by herself. She is only trying to make a point of customer service issues. BTW - there is also a pair of pants worth 54 million.